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Buying a sofa

Furniture is pricey at the best of times, but out of all your household items, buying a sofa is likely to be one of your biggest expenses. And with so many sofa options available, it’s easy to make the wrong choice. Because of the impact that a sofa can have on your space, (not to mention the amount of time spent on said sofa, ahem…), we at Smith’s Interiors recommend that you invest in a custom sofa. Having your sofa designed according to your specific needs and dimensions can save you from a lifetime of buyers remorse. You can read about purchasing a custom sofa here.

For now we’ve put together a short list of things to consider when buying a sofa.

Sofas are not One-size-fits-all

There will never be a couch that fits all your wants and needs so it’s important to decide on your main objective before buying a sofa. Often the most important aspect of a sofa is that it should compliment the space that it is standing in. The golden ration of sofa dimensions is considered to be 100cm in depth, 150cm long with 50cm seat height, but this can differ from person to person.

You should also consider the arms of the chair, for a modern feel go for the square arms and for a traditional look you can go for the scroll arm.

Consider extra length sofas

Because form follows function, sofa’s that are long enough to nap on are very popular.  This length would be about 230cm on average but make sure that your space justifies this size before making your purchase.

Measurements are key

It might be tempting to impulse buy a couch that doesn’t fit the room properly. This wouldn’t be an issue with a custom sofa. We ensure that the measurements are correct and the sofa is a perfect fit. If you are buying an already made sofa, a good option is to double check on the sofa will fit the room.

The Doorways, hallways and ceilings should also be measured

Consider how your sofa will be moved into your space when buying a sofa. Remember that your couch will have to fit through doorways, stairs and lifts. For example, if you live in an apartment you should never buy a sofa that is longer than the ceiling height of the elevator.

Proportions count

L-shaped sofas are practical but can often overwhelm the room. It is therefore recommended doing a tight back instead of loose cushions to help keep the overall profile on the down low. Keeping the back of the sofa fairly low can also help.

Colour cues

You should consider getting a couch that is a neutral colour, that matches with the wall and curtain. If you are considering new curtains, as well you can read about custom made curtains on our blog. If you get a neutral colour sofa, you can always change up accent colours at a later stage.

Cushions are important

Cushions determine how the guest will use the sofa. If you have a couch that is big enough to accommodate 3 people, you should use three cushions. This is just something to consider as is not an issue in most cases.

Consider ceiling height

If you have a very low ceiling, it is recommended to have a low sofa. This gives the impression that the ceiling is taller. In a room with high ceiling, you should consider a high back sofa. This would add a weighty presence in the room.

Avoid trends

You should avoid big patterns and trendy colours for large upholstered pieces. You can use throw pillows to add the touch of colour or a trendy pattern as these can be changed with ease at a later stage.

Practicality is the best option

If your sofa has a skirt, you should go for a darker colour as this won’t show heal scuffs.