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The right curtain colour for your home

So you are planning to buy a beautiful curtain from one of those stores downtown, but quite confused about how to choose the perfect curtain?

Choosing a curtain colour, which matches perfectly with the wall colour of your room, can be a difficult job. There are some options when it comes to choosing curtains that will match the colour of the room. The curtains have to be coordinated with the colour of the walls.

Repeat the Wall Color

If you want something simple, coordinating patterned curtains with the walls would be a great idea. We suggest that the pattern on the curtains contains some of the wall colour.

You can choose to match the wall colour with the foreground or background pattern, in either case, these colours don’t have to be an exact match. The colour should be no more than two shades lighter or darker than the wall colour.

Make It Monochromatic

For a classic look with a solid-coloured curtain, choose curtain fabric in the same colour family as your wall colour, but opt for a darker or lighter version. For example, select burnt-orange curtains if you have apricot walls or vice versa. If you prefer a subtler colour difference, stay within two to three shades of the wall colour.

Choose Complementary Colors

Complementary colours sit opposite each other on a colour wheel. Though complementary colour schemes are classic, the contrast is frequently too great to use solid-coloured curtains with solid-coloured walls. Instead, temper the contrast with a fabric pattern that mixes a neutral with your wall colour’s complement. If you have blue walls, the complementary colour is orange. You can use a pattern that mixes different values of the wall colour’s complement with neutrals.

Keep It Neutral

If you have bright colour walls, you can tone down the look by using more neutral colour curtains. White curtains work well with both warm and cool wall colours. If you want something less stark, you could opt for ivory, champagne or buttercream curtains with warm colour walls, and oyster or dove grey for walls painted with a cooler colour. You can use both solid and tone-on-tone printed fabrics for the neutral look.

Strong Contrast

The boldest approach is to use a bright pattern or colour to contrast the walls. I will make a visual statement so it would work better for smaller spaces. You should save this approach for a pattern or colour you really love and can live with day in and day out.

Green Walls

When deciding on curtain for a room with green walls you should first decide on whether the green is a warm or cool tone. Green offers a much wider visual range of many other colours.

Medium-warm greens range for yellow-green to dark olives, these work well with charcoal grey curtains, For contrast try a pattern featuring a complementary colour in the violet spectrum.

Light and dark warm green walls have a fresh look. Lighter shades can accommodate a variety of different colours whereas darker greens benefit from something lighter to brighten them. Medium cool greens have blue undertones and can vary into the aqua or teal realm. A great match for these shades is coloured with red tones.

Light and dark cool green walls range from mint green to a deep forest green. Lighter shades pair well with dark and medium warm greys. Darker shades look fabulous with orange tones such as peach or salmon.

Blue Walls

Vibrant blues such as a Royal Blue can go well with other vibrant colours such as red, orange and yellow but not so well with green or purple. Lighter blues work best with dark cool colours or other colours of a similar shade.